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Tuesday 150127

Lisa, Culley, and Gerry working through today's deadlift ladder. May I advise some gentle stretching of every muscle on the back side of your body this evening? And watch out for when you bend down to tie your shoes tomorrow morning. Don't let it surprise you.

As of Monday morning, we've got 12 Sanctifiers registered for our Open Team. I appreciate all of you early adopters getting in there right away. To the rest of you, I hope you do consider signing up.

For the first time in Open history, there is going to be a "scaled" division which should make some of the workouts much more accessible to everyone. So if you're thinking about "I'm no good at double unders" or "I can't do a muscle-up, why bother?", believe me, you won't be alone. And by having scaled versions of the workouts, you'll actually be able to compare yourself against other folks who scale the workout as well which should provide some more valuable information than comparing yourself to everyone else that does it prescribed. And week-to-week you can choose whether or not you do the "rx'd" or "scaled" version of the workout; it's not like you have to decide when you register and then stick with it for all 5 weeks. Seems like a neat idea to me!

A. EMOM x8: 1 clean (squat), build to AHAP
B. 1 Clean + ME Front squats @85%-90% of A; 3 sets, 3min clock

Notes: There is a 10-rep cap to each set of FS. If you're able to easily get more than 10 reps, it could be because your clean technique limits your clean more than your strength. If that's the case, consider upping the weight on B.


4 rounds, each on a 5min clock:
1 min ME AD for cals
8 TnG G-OH, 95/65 (L1), 115/75 (L2), 135/95 (L3)
10 T2B

Notes: For most of you, ground-to-overhead will be a power clean & jerk. We do want you to strive for touch-n-go reps so choose a weight that allows for that (Levels 1, 2, or 3).

Aim for consistent calorie outputs and similar times for each round.


A. Every 30 sec for 3 min: 1 SJ from rack/blocks @65% of 1rm
B. Every 30 sec for 3 min: 1 paused SJ from rack/blocks @70% of 1rm, 2 sec pause in bottom of dip
C. SJ from rack/blocks, start at 75% 1rm and add 10/5lb (M/F) every 90sec until max
9min AMAP
3 thruster, 95/65
increase reps by 3 every round

DEMO of paused SJ
- record heaviest SJ from C and total reps completed to board
- J-Earley: 305lb, 148 reps (rnd of 18 + 21 thr + 1 ttb)