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Wednesday 150128

Alyson, our resident videographer. Can't wait to see the finished product Al!

A. Squat clean thruster: 8x2, Build to AHAP, 1:15 clock
B. 8 American KB swings + 8 alt'g BW lunges, 8 sets, 1:15 clock

Notes: The SCT shouldn't be TnG but you should quickly reset between the two reps.

Open WOD 14.5
For Time:
Thrusters, 95/65
Bar-facing burpees

Notes: 20min cut off. On the bar-facing burpees you must hop over the bar with a two-foot take-off and a two-foot landing; anything else is considered a step-over and isn't allowed. However, if you struggle with keeping your breathing under control during burpees, you may want to consider "stepping" in and out of the burpees rather than jumping your feet back and forward (this is different than the jump that's required to go over the bar...we'll discuss in class).

Click here to look up your score from last year's Open.

Record reps completed on board.


4min @80% effort:
10 box jump step-down, 24"/20″
2 MU

rest 5mins

4mins @90% effort:

10 walk lunges
7 CTB pullups

rest 10mins

4mins @100% effort"

10 burpees
10 KB swing, 32/24kg

- like last week, first two pieces are like metabolic warm-ups for final piece
- take note of what holds you back on each piece, i.e. strength/strengh-endurance like on MU and CTB vs ability to cycle reps faster vs cardiovascular system like on burpee/KBS
- record rounds/reps on board
- J-Earley: 5+7, 6+10, 3+10+7