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Thursday 150212 - Rest Day/Open Gym

Jessica E. taking 75lb overhead. I really appreciate the consistency and effort that Jessica shows every time she's at the gym. It's paying off too; ever since she started at Sanctify nearly 8 months ago she has made steady progress on all the movements and is getting quite strong too. Stay with it Jessica!
CrossFit for Fitness or Sport?
by Tyler Grimh

There are many reasons why a person may decide to pursue CrossFit. CrossFit has an allure that motivates people, draws a community together, helps people meet their fitness goals, and much, much more. So, what is CrossFit to you? Why did YOU decide to dive in? Consider your goal(s) at the beginning of your CrossFit journey and now. Are they different? Here are some of the possible goals you might/may have:
  • Become a healthier version of you. More muscle, less body fat, fit in clothes better, etc.
  • Build strength and/or endurance in a general manner.
  • Participate in local & regional competitions.
  • Train for & excel in the CrossFit Games season (regional to elite levels).
  • Other?
It is quite possible you relate to multiple goals on this list. That said, what does that mean for you at the gym? We suggest that there are two (general) categories one may fall into: CrossFit for Fitness or CrossFit for Sport.

CrossFit for fitness consists of a group program designed to increase functional fitness across broad time and modal domains. This is done by increasing one’s General Physical Preparedness (GPP) for everyday life. GPP refers to the state of readiness possessed to tackle random, broad ranging tasks such as running a trail race, lifting heavy things, shoveling a driveway, etc... Simply put, CrossFit for fitness should effectively train all major energy systems of the body regularly, while not causing the exerciser to fall into over-training. A CrossFitter for fitness can still pursue a competition track; s/he just follows a more general program while taking some extra time to work on mobility, stability, and/or technique issues. This person is focused on becoming healthier, fitter, and generally, feeling better.

CrossFit for sport consists of individualized programming designed to increase athletic performance across broad time and modal domains. We consider “athletic performance” to indicate an athlete who is working with a coach privately on setting specific training goals, determining weaknesses & establishing plans to improve, creating a nutritional plan that fuels training properly, and adhering to a training plan that allows him/her to more seriously compete multiple times a year (elite level example is CrossFit Games athlete). Once one is competing regularly in CrossFit, it is assumed that basic functional fitness has already been attained through GPP and is now being pushed to the extreme.  

Knowing the differences, it is important to match your goal(s) to your program (as mentioned earlier). This allows you to avoid injury and overuse, stay focused on your needs, and remain motivated to succeed. Need help figuring out your path? Connect with a coach to set up a consultation to help you get where you want to be!