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Wednesday 150218

That moment in "Fran" when you know you SHOULD pick up the bar, but everything your body is telling you not to.
Remember that this Saturday is "Bring-A-Friend" day for the 8 and 9AM classes. Rowing/AD, burpees, sit-ups, and wall balls are the movements on tap. Grab a friend and let's pack the gym!

Please have your friend (well, and you for that matter), sign up via MindBody ahead of time. It saves them from having to fill out the paperwork when they get here on Saturday morning.

A. 1K Row @90%
B. Deadlift: Build to a max for the day in 8min
C. Every 2min x5: 5 Deadlifts, 275/185 + 10 burpees

Notes: The 1k row is to ensure that you're thoroughly warmed up and ready to go for all of the pulling to ensue thereafter. You should be sweaty and breathing a bit, but not destroyed from it. After our general warm-up exercises we'll roll through the row and then proceed into the deadlifting. The goal on the deadlift/burpee combo should be first to do the deadlifts with max efficiency and sound mechanics. Assuming that you're able to do that, then add an element of speed and try to move through the 5 deads and 10 burpees as quickly as possible each set. Scale the deadlift as needed, about 70-75% of your 1RM as a guideline (though don't exceed 275/185 if that is less than 70% of your 1RM).

For time:
30cal row
30 Swings, 24/16 - American
30 DU's
30 WB, 20/14
30 DU's
30 Swings

Notes: 10 min cut-off. This should be a fast chipper. We'll set up equipment to allow for fast transitions. Try to push the pace here.

Post times on the board.


A. 1 squat clean + 1 hang squat clean; rest 2mins, 5 sets, build per set
B. wtd pull-up, pronated, 3x2-3; rest as needed
In 7mins:
15 SC, 95/65
12 SC, 115/75
9 SC, 135/95
6 SC, 155/105
3 SC, 185/125
AMRAP SC, 225/155

- save the 10's and 15's; put on bigger plates as soon as possible
- record heaviest load for SC/HSC and reps completed on board
- J-Earley: 285, 48 reps (3 @225)