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Dinah during Wednesday's hang clean thrusters. I really appreciate how coachable Dinah is; we give her cues, she makes the adjustments, moves better, and has more success. What a simple formula!? Great job Dinah - keep at it!
Rest Day Reading

"Postural Alignment Cues for Overactive Upper Trapezius" - by Melissa Hurley, CrossFit Invictus

"Some of us may need further stretching and corrective exercises to help achieve the right positions, but I do believe the best fix for posture is forcing yourself to maintain it. One of the issues with teaching correct posture is that posture, strictly speaking, should be reflexive. In other words, you shouldn’t have to think to achieve good posture. That being said, like with other movement patterns, the only way to get to that point is by practicing good posture over and over until it happens naturally."

We ALL have to combat this on a daily basis. You hear us coaches talk about posture and the need to improve it. This article offers some of the best practical cues I've heard on how to actually fix your posture. Start paying attention and make these cues become habit!