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Monday 171113

Congratulations to Teresa Fosdick for graduating from Fundamentals last week and now joining the rest of the crew! We're super happy to have you Teresa! You're gonna be a great addition to the 5AM crew. Just don't make your husband, Tim, look too bad ;)

Context: Competition - Get psyched and go for a PR today on the clean!

Skill Practice Warm Up: Spend 8 minutes testing your max depth strict HSPU (or progression)

Strength: 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 power clean TEST MAX! (7 sets of 1 rep, increase weight to new max)

Super Set: none

Metabolic Conditioning: “Russian Dash Cams

For Time. 3 Rounds
14 Russian Kettlebell Swings (Health: 35lb / Athletic: 53lb*/ Performance: 70lb)
10 goblet squats (same)
250m run or 40 single unders + 4 reps of 20' out and back shuttle run, no line touch

*Women’s “Performance” weights and reps (Rx)

Scaling Guide: 4:30 - 8 min

Compare to: June 22, 2016

Coaching Tips: Kettlebell swings come from the hips so be sure to use a great hip pop and keep the abs tight. Think about throwing the kb out away from you (but don't let go).  Try to do these in unbroken sets to keep the intensity up, but if you can't maintain good positioning (because you are breathing too hard for example), break up the sets.

Optional ‘Cash Out’ or Hypertrophy: 10 burpees, 30 cal row, 3 rounds OR 3 sets of 12 single arm shoulder press in a super set with 12 banded hamstring curls