I Can’t Do CrossFit

Because . . .

“You have to be fit to do CrossFit, right?” :  “I’m not a firebreather. CrossFit isn’t for me.” : “I will get injured if I do CrossFit.” :  “I don’t want to look like those top CrossFit girls, all muscular and thick.” : “Isn’t CrossFit a cult?

Have any of these thoughts prevented you from trying CrossFit? If so, you wouldn’t be alone. They are common misconceptions associated with CrossFit. Don’t let faulty assumptions prevent you from joining our CrossFit community. Let’s address each MISCONCEPTION one at a time. 

You have to be fit to do CrossFit, right?

No, you DO NOT need to be already fit to do CrossFit. You do CrossFit TO BECOME FIT. We pair all our members with a professional coach who teaches movement and strength training fundamentals to new members BEFORE they join our group training sessions, and we keep our classes small by design so no one is overlooked during the weekly workouts. 

I’m not a firebreather. CrossFit isn’t for me.

You will progress at your own pace. Being a firebreather is not necessary. BUT, if you execute the programming correctly, no matter how fit you are, you might feel like your lungs are on fire in some workouts. 

I will get injured if I do CrossFit.

When you progress smartly under the guidance of experienced coaches, your chance of injury is no greater than any other form of strength training or exercise program. Follow your coach’s advice, take care of your body, be patient, and you will do great. In fact, you will be better than before. 

I don’t want to look like those top CrossFit girls, all muscular and thick.

The elite (professional) female CrossFit athletes have physiques to be admired. They work extremely hard for their physiques. It didn’t happen on accident because they did a lot of CrossFit. They have dedicated years and countless hours to INTENTIONALLY tailoring their DIETS, as well as their FITNESS ROUTINES, to produce the body best suited to their sport. Amature CrossFitters are NOT AT RISK of inadvertently becoming overly muscular or lean.

Isn’t CrossFit a cult? 

CrossFitters are enthusiastic about their communities and their way of training, but we do not ask you to cut off ties to your non-CrossFitting buddies or take a pledge of fealty to Greg Glassman, CrossFit’s CEO. HOWEVER, we can’t guarantee you won’t become addicted to our training methodology or talk incessantly about your gains to friends and co-workers. Let’s face it, getting fit feels great; it’s exciting, and you’ll want to share that feeling with others!!  

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