Tuesday 181211

WHITEBOARD BRIEF – Strength: Today is week 1 of Jerk percentage work. This is intended to be technique driven where all sets should be done with near-perfect execution. Loading should be light to moderate. – Metcon: Today’s workout [...]

Monday 181210

WHITEBOARD BRIEF – Strength: Try to beat your previous max today by 5#’s (if you have one). Take your time and progressively build to a new 1RM. – Metcon: Today’s workout is meant to be done at [...]

Saturday 181208

Sanctify owner, Josh, and his wife Amber have recently announced that they are expecting twin girls! Today we're celebrating the addition to the Sanctify Family with a WOD and a baby shower. ALL Sanctify members [...]

Friday 181207

WHITEBOARD BRIEF – Strength: Build to a 1RM Jerk from a rack. You can use whatever style you’re most comfortable with ie. a split jerk or a push jerk. Take 8-10 sets to build to a [...]

Thursday 181206

WHITEBOARD BRIEF – Strength: Today is week 1 of Speed work with the Box Squat using Monday’s 3RM. All sets should be fast/perfect technique. – Metcon: Like all ascending ladders these workouts get harder as they progress [...]

Wednesday 181205

WHITEBOARD BRIEF – Metcon: The goal today is focus on being 100% consistent with row intervals. All sets should be slightly uncomfortable, a pace that you could not normally maintain in a regular task-domain workout. METCON [...]

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