Tuesday 190212

WHITEBOARD BRIEF – Strength: Today we’ll start a new cycle for the push press. All sets should be fast/aggressive. – Metcon: Today’s workout is a spin-off of classic CF workout ”Angie.” The volume of work is high [...]

Monday 190211

WHITEBOARD BRIEF – Strength: Build to a 5RM over the course of 4-6 sets. Shoot for 85% of your current 1RM for your last set of 5. – Metcon: Today’s metcon will likely challenge you more than [...]

Saturday 190209

WHITEBOARD BRIEF – Metcon: In today’s metcon you’ll have almost an equal amount of time on the rower and for the snatch/wall ball/double under triplet. Partition these so you can work consistently with your partner. Your [...]

Friday 190208

WHITEBOARD BRIEF – Strength: The goal today is to match our previous 2RM for 3. If you do not have a 2RM set a plan with manageable jumps in weight so you end on a high [...]

Thursday 190207

WHITEBOARD BRIEF – Strength: Today we start a new cycle with the Sumo Deadlift which was tested on Monday. Take 3-4 sets to build to your 75% and use that weight for ALL 8 sets of [...]

Wednesday 190206

WHITEBOARD BRIEF – Metcon: With today’s work the goal is to sustain a pace that is challenging but manageable for the entire EMOM. This means your calorie count for interval one and rep count for interval [...]

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