Thursday 190418

WHITEBOARD BRIEF – Strength: Today we are completing 6 x 3 power cleans followed by some single-leg work which we’ll review. All of this work should be challenging. Your clean technique should be consistent across all [...]

Wednesday 190417

WHITEBOARD BRIEF – Skill: Today is aimed at skill/technique work. Odd minutes you will perform 3 position snatch. Even minutes will consist of 15 banded pull downs. You should have plenty of time to transition between [...]

Tuesday 190416

WHITEBOARD BRIEF – Strength: Today we will be performing DB bench with a grip rotation. Grip will rotate from palms facing in to palms facing down (i.e. neutral grip to pronated grip) paired with iso-dynamic KB [...]

Monday 190415

WHITEBOARD BRIEF – Strength: Work up to a 1RM power clean. Start with sets of 3 and gradually move to singles as weight increases. Rest 2 minutes between heavy singles as you approach your 1RM. Beginners [...]

Saturday 190413

WHITEBOARD BRIEF – Metcon: It’s up to you and your teammate today to come up with a strategy that works best. Both thrusters and T2B should be able to be completed in at least 5 reps per [...]

Friday 190412

WHITEBOARD BRIEF – Strength: We are finding a 3RM close grip chin up. Rest 2 minutes between attempts. If unable to complete with weight, complete 6 sets of 3 reps with 90-seconds rest between sets with [...]

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