Thursday 200220

NOTES ABOUT TODAY'S TRAINING Today we are building to a tough set of 3 in the 1 1/4 front squat with the goal of beating last week's weight by 5-10# if you're feeling good. The [...]

Are You Making the Most of Your Workouts?

GAS, Supercompensation, and Fitness: Foundational Concepts for Steady Progress By Josh Earleywine Hans Selye was a Hungarian doctor who did a lot of research on stress and the effect it has on various organisms in [...]

Wednesday 200219

NOTES ABOUT TODAY'S TRAINING Our conditioning work is a slower aerobic piece where the goal is to be consistent from round 1 to the last round (4-6 rounds for most people.) The goal here is [...]

Tuesday 200218

NOTES ABOUT TODAY'S TRAINING Today's strength work involves a superset of SA DB Bench Press and inverted rows - same as last week except Bench should be slightly heavier. These work sets should be challenging, [...]

Monday 200217

NOTES ABOUT TODAY'S TRAINING Today we are building to a 1RM in the Sumo Deadlift against a band. This should take 10 sets - the last TWO sets should be quite challenging, but we shouldn't [...]

Saturday 200215

NOTES ABOUT TODAY'S TRAINING Today's workout is a strategy piece - each team will need to decide how to break their sets to ensure consistent output. While it's great to have a strategy we really [...]

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