Monday 191202

NOTES ABOUT TODAY'S TRAINING - Strength: Build to a 1RM Thruster from the rack. - Metcon: Go fast or go home! Push your limits today with pace and go light on your thrusters - treat [...]

Saturday 191130

NOTES ABOUT TODAY'S TRAINING - Metcon: Work with a partner today - one person works and split as desired. All sets should be challenging but scaling should allow for touch n go sets of perfect power [...]

Friday 191129

NOTES ABOUT TODAY'S TRAINING - Strength: Strength ONLY work today to take advantage of all the extra calories you've taken in! Have fun and move some weight today! STRENGTH 1) Snatch: Heavy 1 in 10 sets. [...]

Wednesday 191127

NOTES ABOUT TODAY'S TRAINING - Skill: Week 3 of gymnastics skill work - the final week of this work so you should be feeling good about your new-found skills. - Metcon: Look to sustain a moderate level [...]

Tuesday 191126

NOTES ABOUT TODAY'S TRAINING - Strength: Week 2 and final week of these upper variations - all sets should be challenging. - Metcon: Going light on this workout is incredibly IMPORTANT - you could easily use up [...]

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