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– Strength: Build to 3RM wide stance box squat over the course of 6-7 sets. Make sure you stay tight on the box and have spotters in place.
– Metcon: Each section of this workout is intended to be done near maximal effort, 90-95% effort which means you should worry less about pacing and more about just going for it! You’ll have 7 minutes of rest between sections to recover as this is a high-threshold workout.


1) Wide Stance Box Squat: 3RM. Rest 2:00
– Beginner: 5 x 5, adding weight if form permits (or a higher height box).
2) Metcon Prep: Power Clean + Front Squat: Build to Metcon weight in 3 sets. Rest 60s.


For total time:
30 Front Squats (155, 105)
30 Lateral Burpees
Rest 7:00
30 Power Cleans (155, 105)
30 Lateral Burpees

L3: (135, 95)
L2: (115, 75)
L1: (Goblet Squats) (135, 95 Deadlifts for Power Cleans) (Regular Burpees)
*Score = splits for each section. 8 Minute Cap for each section.


Single Leg Glute Bridge on Bench: 4 x 10 each. Rest 30s.
*With miniband if possible

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