Monday 190415


– Strength: Work up to a 1RM power clean. Start with sets of 3 and gradually move to singles as weight increases. Rest 2 minutes between heavy singles as you approach your 1RM. Beginners will complete 8-10 sets of 2-3 repetitions focusing on technique. Add weight if form permits.
– Metcon: This metcon should be quick and performed around 90-95% effort. You should be able to complete fast singles, but challenge yourself with your weight choice.


1) Power Clean: 3-3-2-2-1+. Rest 2:00
– Build to a 1RM.
– Beginner: Perform sets of 2-3 reps x 8-10 sets working on technique and adding weight if form permits.
– Last tested 12/10/18
2) Squat Clean Thruster Warm-up x 2-3 sets of 1. Rest 60s.


”Chuck Rhoades”
Squat Clean Thrusters (155, 105)

Rx+: (185, 125)
L3: (135, 95)
L2: (115, 75)
L1: AMRAP 7 of 10 Thrusters (95, 65), 10 Burpees


Tabata Elbow Plank: 8 x 20s hold/10s rest.
Rx+: (Band Resisted Elbow Plank)

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