– Strength: Our focus for the strength work today is to prepare our hips and back for the demands of the metcon. Glute Bridges: 3 sets building to a challenging weight for 6-8 reps, then 4 working sets at that weight, resting 90s between. Then, go right into building your touch and go deadlifts for today’s metcon. 3-4 sets of 4-6 reps, resting roughly one minute between sets, building to today’s metcon weight.
– Metcon: Today’s workout is largely about being smart with your burpees. Deadlifts should be HEAVY today, likely a weight you’ll complete 5 reps per set with. Whatever time remains, go 100% and try to complete as many wall balls as possible.


1) Barbell Glute Bridges: 3/4 x 6-8. Rest 90s.
– Choose one weight and use for all working sets.
2) Touch n Go Deadlift: Build to Metcon weight in 3-4 sets. Rest 60s.


In 12:00
50 Wall balls (20, 14)
40 Lateral Burpees
30 Deadlifts (275, 185)
Remaining time AMRAP: Wall balls

Rx+: (315, 205)
L3: (225, 155)
L2: (14, 10) (165, 115)
L1: (10, 8) (135, 95)
*Score = total Wall balls completed