– Strength: Our strength work today consists of a 5 x 5 of Box Back Squats. 3 warm-up sets and 5 working sets at the same weight. For those who have 1RM Box Squat you should be in the 80% range. If you have anything left in the tank after the WOD knock out some banded pull-throughs.
– Metcon: This metcon will creep up on you, hence the name. You’ll have to move fast to beat this cap, but move well on the barbell. Don’t attack the bike too hard on your first round, it’ll come back to haunt you.


3/5 x 5. Rest 2:00
– 3 warm-up sets, 5 work sets at the same weight


3 Rounds for Time
9 Thrusters (115, 75)
12 Power Cleans (115, 75)
15/12 Cal Bike
– Goal: Challenging pace, UB on Thrusters, no more than 1 break during the set of Power Cleans. don’t go too hard on the bike at first, you’ll regret it.

Rx+: (135, 95)
L3: (95, 65)
L2: (75, 55)
L1: (Dumbbells 30, 15)
TIME CAP = 9:00


4 x 20-30. Rest 30s