– Metcon: How today’s workout works: athlete 1 completes a FULL 60 seconds at station 1 while athlete 2 rests. Then, at station 2 athlete 2 completes the FULL 60 seconds while athlete 1 rests. Continue alternating throughout the round. Both partners rest during the 60 sec rest at the end of the round. If done correctly, athlete 2 will start the SDHP on round 2. Score = total reps per team. Loading should be LIGHT.


4 Rounds with a partner:
60s Max SDHP (75, 55)
60s Max Wall balls (20, 14)
60s Max Abmat Sit-ups
60s Max Power Snatch (75, 55)
60s Max Double Unders
60s Rest

*One athlete completes a FULL 60 seconds while their partner rests then moving to the next 60s station. After the 60s rest partners will switch order so BOTH athletes go through each movement an even amount of times. Score = total reps per team.

L2: (65, 45) (Double Under Attempts)
L1: (55, 35) (Single unders)


10 Minutes of “easy” cardio – If wearing a HR monitor do NOT exceed 130 BPM – Conversational recovery work.