“Anybody Can Do This”

Jodi Marino

“My New Norm”

Jesse Engelkins

“I have been going to Sanctify Fitness for the last year and a half. I will say without a doubt that the personnel and owners and coaches of this gym have change my fitness life. It is a great community to be a part of. Very welcoming and very inspirational. I would recommend this gym to anybody.”
– Steven Buchholz

“I am at the beginning of my experience at Sanctify but can tell you that I’ve had an amazing experience. Though this is pushing me out of my comfort zone, Paul has been an amazing coach, helping me to learn what I need to safely and successfully master my skills. I am already experiencing advances in my health and am learning that I am capable of more than I previously thought! Thank you Sanctify!”
– Scott Sterner

“I started at Sanctify Fitness about a year ago, and when I first walked in the door I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into. But I got introduced gradually through personal training sessions that helped me understand the movements and the terminology, giving my the tools to get the most out of the group classes. All the coaches are wonderful and I can go to anyone of them with questions. I also continue to meet with coach a few times throughout the year to make adjustments and change things up to keep getting better at the movements and keep things interesting. I feel so blessed that I found this gym and the support of this awesome community to push me towards my fitness goals.”
– Alicia Schraufnagel

“I have been a member at Sanctify Fitness for a little over 2 years. Looking back to when I started, I couldn’t squat and my cardio was terrible. But with great coaching, learning proper form and technique, and consistency in showing up to get the most out of the programming, I have come a long way. I am able to do movements and lifts I thought would never be possible when I started. The coaches are able to see the potential in people when you may not necessarily see it yourself.”
– Melissa Reigel

“Where do I start? Coming here takes me out of my comfort zone, but it has been a great decision. Tyler was a wonderful one-on-one instructor. He taught the moves as well as helped me understand the reasoning behind them. He has a great personality and really made coming in fun. I’ve only been coming to classes for a few weeks, but people have been so helpful. Josh has been a great teacher and is always willing to help correct movements and offer suggestions. I get nervous about coming in because I don’t know all the moves, but he always makes people feel welcome. Paul has always been welcoming as well. Ana is a great motivator! The other gym members have been great and welcoming.Beyond just the gym aspect, Sanctify has a great community feeling and really works to support one another in and out of the gym environment.”
– Tanya Greene

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