– Strength: Week 2 of our dynamic effort back squat work. Use 3 sets to work up to your 80% and then complete 5 sets of 3 repetitions all at 80%. Back squats will have a 1-second pause in the bottom. After back squats are complete start warming up touch n go deadlifts to prepare the Metcon.
– Metcon: This workout should be performed around 90% effort meaning near a ”sprint” pace. Burpees over the bar will be done laterally. Empty your tank on the burpees and use a weight on the deadlift that’s challenging but can still be done in big sets.


1) Back Squat w. 1 count pause: 3/5 x 3 @80%, every 90s.
2) Touch n Go Deadlift: Build to Metcon weight in 3 x 3. Rest 60s.


For time:
30 Calorie Bike
30 Deadlifts (225, 155)
30 Lateral Burpees

L3: (185, 125)
L2: (155, 105)
L1: (60s Max Cals on Bike) (135, 95) (Regular Burpees or Squat Thrusts)
Last tested on 10/29/18
9:00 Cap


Double Leg Banded Leg Curls Tabata:
8 x 20s work/10s rest.