Thursday 190425


– Strength: Week 2 of Power Clean and RFESS work. Cleans are 5% heavier but should still be fast and RFESS should be heavier than last week for all of your work sets.
-Metcon: This is week 2 of our anaerobic training to develop anaerobic capacity. You should be aiming for max effort for these 20-second bike sprints. Rest 2 min between each sprint.


1) Power Clean: 3/5 x 3 @80%, every 90s.
– Of last Monday
– Reset on each rep
2) Back Rack RFESS: 2/4 x 5 ea. Rest 90s.
– Goal is to beat loading achieved last week by 10#s.
*Also known as ”Bulgarian Split Squats”


8 Rounds of:
20sec Max Effort Air Bike
Rest 2:00


Single Arm Farmer Carry: Max 100 Ft. Trips in 5 Minutes. Alternate sides. Go as AHAP.

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