– Strength: Two-part dynamic effort lower strength session today. On the docket, we have sumo deadlifts @ 50% + bands, based off of your 1RM sumo deadlift (without bands). You will do 8 sets of 3; resting 60 seconds between sets. As always with our dynamic work, the name of the game is speed without sacrificing form. These are not touch and go reps; reset for each rep.
– Metcon: Today’s ”Metcon” is more of an accessory piece for the abs/lower body with the added incentive to hold onto the barbell longer to avoid doing burpees. Try to get your lunges done in no more than 3 sets. The weight you should choose should be difficult to complete 10+ reps with. Strategy is key with T2B as Front Rack Lunges are already demanding on the core. Break sets early on T2B to avoid excessive fatigue.


1) Sumo Deadlift against a band: 3/8 x 3 @50%, every 60s.
– reset on each rep
– Based off of 1RM Sumo Deadlift (no band)
2) Kneeling Jump + Box Jump: 1/6 x 3 (1 rep of each = 1 rep). Rest 60s.
– L2/L1: Seated Dynamic Vertical Jumps: 6 x 3. Rest 60s.


”Abs of Steel”
For time:
Buy in:
50 T2B
50 Front Rack Walking Lunges (115, 75)
*Every time you drop the bar complete 10 Bar Facing Burpees
12:00 Cap

Rx+: (135, 95)
L3: (95, 65)
L2: (Knee Lifts) (75, 55)
L1: (Abmat Sit-ups) (Light Walking DB Lunges) (Regular Burpees)


5 Minutes of Recovery Work i.e. light row, jog, or bike.