Tuesday 181127


– Skill: Similar work to last week with small variations. Perform the same skill and work on really reinforcing good movement.
– Metcon: Today’s EMOM will challenge you from head to toe, but ALL sets should be manageable and you should have enough time to recover between efforts.


Gymnastics Skill/Strength
EMOM 10:
ODD Minutes: Handstand hold or handstand walk x 30-40s of Practice
EVEN Minutes: 10 Alternating DB Push Press (5 each) + 20 Banded Pull-aparts


EMOM 10:
ODD Minutes: 15 KBS (53, 35)
EVEN Minutes: 2 Rope Climbs

Rx+: (10 KB Snatches Each Arm 53/35) (2 Legless Rope Climbs)
L3: (5 Strict Chin-ups)
L2: (35, 25) (Band Assisted Strict Chin-ups)
L1: (35, 25 Russian Swings) (10 Ring Rows per round)


Single Arm OH Banded Tricep Extensions: 3 x 25 each. Rest 30s.

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