– Strength: Today we will be performing DB bench with a grip rotation. Grip will rotate from palms facing in to palms facing down (i.e. neutral grip to pronated grip) paired with iso-dynamic KB rows, which we’ll go over. Use 2 sets to work up to your desired weight for today then complete 5 sets of 8 with a minute of rest between sets.
– Metcon: Today’s metcon should be performed around 80-85% intensity. Grip will become a factor early on. You should be able to complete the KBS in 3 sets or less. Try to minimize rest when you put down the KBS. 18-minute time cap for this workout.


1a) DB Bench Press w. a rotation: 2/5 x 8. Rest 30s.
– neutral to pronated grip
– Use incline if possible
1b) Iso-dynamic KB Rows: 2/5 x 8 each. Rest 30s.


For time:
40 KBS (53, 35)
4 Rope Climbs
30 KBS
3 Rope Climbs
20 KBS
2 Rope Climbs
10 KBS
1 Rope Climb

Rx+: (70, 53) (Legless Rope Climbs)
L3: (Rope Climbs of 3-2-1-1)
L2: (45, 30) (Complete 2-3 Total Rope Climbs then switch to 15 Ring Rows each round)
L1: (35, 25 Russian Swings) (10 Ring Rows each round)
18:00 Cap


Prone Rear Lateral Raise 21s: 3 x 7-7-7. Rest 60s.
7 pronated grip + 7 neutral grip + 7 supinated grip