Tuesday 190423


– Strength: Today will be a superset of DB Bench and ring rows with rotation. Use 2 sets to work up to your desired weight today and then complete 4 sets of each movement with 30 seconds rest in between.
– Metcon: This workout will be an EMOM of HSPU and jump rope skill work. Accumulate as many repetitions each minute as you can. Plan on working between 30 and 40 seconds to allow enough rest for the next movement. With these 2 movements, your shoulders will fatigue early. Try to avoid hitting muscle fatigue on the HSPU. We’ll then end with a quick piece for the triceps/biceps.


1a) DB Neutral Grip Bench Press: 2/4 x 8. Rest 30s.
– (palms facing in)
1b) Ring Rows w. rotation: 2/4 x 12. Rest 30s.
– pronated to neutral grip


EMOM 12:
Odd Minutes: Handstand Push-up Volume Accumulation or Practice
Even Minutes: Double Unders Volume Accumulation or Practice
*Score = total reps of HSPU

Odd Minutes: Handstand Progression
Even Minutes: 40 Single Unders

Then once EMOM is complete,
Not for time:
Push-ups (or Box Push-ups)
DB Hammer Curls
*Athlete choice of DB weight


DB shrugs: 3 x 20. Rest 60s.
– DBs in Front
– 20 Explosive Reps

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