Tuesday 190507


– Strength: If you were here last week we are performing the same variation this week – the floor press. Add 5% from last weeks weight and perform 5 sets of 4 with that weight for all sets. If you were not here you’ll perform 5 x 5 @70% for all sets.
– Metcon: The goal with this workout is consistency – use the run to recover and keep this running intervals ”sustainable.” You should not be hitting failure at any point so break sets before you have to.


1) Close Grip Floor Press: 3/5 x 4 @75% of 4/26. Rest 90s.
2) Strict T2B/Push-up Warm-up x 5 minutes.


10 Strict T2B
10 Push-ups
400 Meter Run

Rx+: (Workout time is extended to 20 minutes) (Round starts with 5/3 Bar Muscle-ups)
L2: (Strict Knee Lifts) (Box Push-ups)
L1: (Abmat Sit-ups) (Box Push-ups) (200 Meter Run)


1a) Banded Facepull-apart: 4 x 15. No rest.
*Hold end range for a 1 count
1b) Banded Pulldowns: 4 x 30. No rest.
*Complete all reps explosively – no pause
*Alternate back and forth until sets are complete.

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