– Strength: Today we have week one of a dynamic OH Press cycle, as well as chest supported DB rows. You’ll take 3 sets to build to 50% and then perform 6 sets of 3 reps against bands; resting 60 seconds after each set. Be fast and explosive on each rep without sacrificing your form. If you find yourself grinding out reps back off the weight by 5%. After your presses, you will perform 4 sets of 10 chest supported DB rows resting 60 seconds between.
– Metcon: You can push the pace a bit with your rope climbs and burpees but don’t try and speed walk through your OH carries. Instead, try a weight that is outside of your comfort zone and slow down the walk a bit so that you can keep the weight stable.


1) Shoulder Press against bands: 3/6 x 3 @50% of 1RM. Rest 60s.
2) Chest Supported DB Rows: 1/4 x 10. Rest 60s.


1 Rope Climb
10 Burpees
100 Ft. Single Arm OH KB Carry (50 ft. each)

Rx+: (Legless Rope Climbs)
L2: (5 Strict Band Assisted Chin-ups per round)
L1: (2 Ground to Standing with Rope OR 8 Ring Rows per round)


Elbows Out Triceps Extensions: 3 x 15. Rest 60s.
– Use incline Bench if possible