– Strength/Metcon: Today we have two part upper body workout with a fairly high amount of volume. The first part is 10 rounds for time of Pull-ups, dips and barbell rows with 60 seconds between rounds and a 20-minute time cap; the second is 5 rounds of banded work to help bring up your strength endurance. To get the most out of today’s workout and to finish within the time cap you’re going to have to be realistic in regards to your ability level and the scaling options you choose; there are plenty of options. The coach will be able to help with your scaling if you are unsure.


10 RFT:
5 Strict Pull-ups (change grip every 2 sets i.e. pull-up, Chin-up, wide, medium and close grips)
10 Bar Dips
15 Barbell Rows (95, 65)
Rest 60s
21:00 Cap

Rx+: (Ring Dips) (135, 95)
L3: (Reps of 3-6-9)
L2: (Band Assisted Strict Pull-ups) (Push-ups or Box Push-ups)
L1 Metcon:
5 Rounds of:
10 DB Bench Press
10 Double DB Rows
10 DB Hammer Curls
Rest 90s.

Rest 5:00 and complete
5 Rounds, not for time:
20 Banded Pull-aparts (underhand grip)
20 Banded OH Triceps Extensions
20 Banded Ab Pulldown
10:00 Cap