– Strength: Nice Push/Pull combo today, note this is not a superset, so finish all the Presses before moving to the Pull-ups. Try to exceed the volume from last week on the Pull-ups.
– Metcon: This could be a shoulder burner. The weight you use should be quite light and allow you to stay rather relaxed so as to not smoke yourself too early. Be smart!


4/4 x 3 @moderate load. Rest 90s.
– Build to a moderate load roughly 80% of 1RM if known then perform four work sets with it.


Accumulate 30-40 Reps. Rest 60s-90s.
– Sets of 3-6 reps should be challenging
– Weighted
– Negatives
– Partner Assisted
– Ring Rows
– Denote total reps completed.


5 Rounds for time
25 Push Press, 75/55
50 Double Unders

L3: 65/45
L2: 55/35, 30 DU
L1: 45/25, 100 SU

Notes: Manage your shoulder fatigue by using a lot of leg drive on the PP and try to stay calm, relaxed throughout. Don’t smoke your shoulders early by doing big set either. This is a good test of local muscular endurance.


3 sets on each side. Rest as needed.