Wednesday 180808

Context:  Competition – Pick someone to go ‘head to head’ with and ‘winner’ puts the other person’s stuff away.

Dynamic Warm Up Option: 400m jog or 2 min jump rope, then 3 rounds: 8 reverse lunge steps, 8 kip swings, 8 goblet squats, 8 sit ups, 8 banded good mornings, 10-20m farmer carry

Mobility/Activation/Prehab: Hip

Skill Practice Warm Up: Spend 10 minutes working on barbell carries (front, back or overhead). Walk out 25′ out, 25’ back, using progressively more challenging loads or more challenging variations. Plan on doing at least 4-6 ‘sets’. Share bars to reduce how much space is needed!

Strength: none

Super Set: none

Metabolic Conditioning: “Open 17.2”

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 12 minutes of:

2 rounds of:  50-ft. weighted walking lunge (Health: 15lb, Athletic*: 35lb, Performance: 50lb)

  16 toes-to-bars

  8 dumbbell power cleans (same)

Then, 2 rounds of:   50-ft. weighted walking lunge

  16 bar muscle-ups

  8 dumbbell power cleans (same)

Etc., alternating between toes-to-bars and bar muscle-ups every 2 rounds.

*Women’s “Performance” weights and reps (Rx)

Scaling Guide: 70-200 (every 5’ of lunges = 1 rep)

Compare to: Open 17.2 (December 18, 2017)

Coaching Tips: Rest the dumbbells on the shoulders with the handles pointing up if you can. You are supposed to keep your hands on the handles – so you can’t just set them on your shoulders. Think of the lunges as a ‘step-split squat-step’ instead of a walking lunge. If you try to do these as walking lunges – you’ll tax the front leg too much. Break up the toes-to-bar early and often. This workout is a grip killer. Consider doing fast singles with a low bar to keep moving. Make sure you don’t round your back on the cleans! The long write-up:

Optional ‘Cash Out’ or Hypertrophy: 15 wall ball, 30 double unders, 5 minutes, OR 3 sets of 12 bent over db rows in a super set with 15 ‘Jones’ squats

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