Wednesday 190306


– Strength: The goal of today’s work is to build in weight with the pull-up and use one weight across all sets for the DB Bench Press. This is 4 ”work sets” so don’t count your 2-3 build-up sets in this figure.
– Metcon: Today’s metcon consists of 2 separate AMRAPs which will keep the heart rate elevated to help improve aerobic capacity. There is 60 sec of designated rest between AMRAPs which won’t be enough to fully recover. Aim for 80-85% intensity throughout this workout.


1a) DB Bench Press, neutral grip: 4 x 8-10. Rest 30s.
1b) Weighted Wide Grip Pull-up: 4 x 2. Rest 30s.
– take 2-3 ”ramp-up sets” then perform 4 challenging sets for both 1a and build to a heavy set of 2 on the pull-ups


Row 250 Meters
1 Rope Climb
10 KBS (53, 35)

Rest 60 sec

Row 250 Meters
10 Hand Release Push-ups
10 Wall balls (20, 14)

Rx+: (Legless Rope Climbs) (10 HSPU in place of HR Push-ups) (30, 20)
L2: (2 Ground to standing with rope) (35, 25) (Box Push-ups) (14, 10)
L1: (10 Ring Rows per round) (35, 25 Russian Swing) (Box Push-ups) (10, 8)


Banded Pull-apart: 4 x 50. Rest as needed.
– change grip every set i.e. supinated or pronated
– this should be 50 continuous reps without stopping.

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