– Skill: You are going to spend some time today dialing in your Olympic lifting technique. You have a choice to work on the snatch or clean and jerk. Although, it may behoove you to practice the squat clean. I’m not saying that we are doing a max next week but I’m not saying that we’re not. Whichever you choose to practice you want to stay below 60% of your max for sets of 2-3. Remember, today we are focusing on dialing in the details without having to worry about the weight.
– Metcon: The metcon for today is pretty straight forward, put your head down and work hard for 30 seconds. Effort should be 80-90% on these depending on your ability to push yourself. All ten rounds do not need to be done on the same machine


15 Minutes of:
1 Olympic Lifting Skill
– Snatch or Clean + Jerk Variation
– Focus on technique performing sets 2-3 reps.
– Do not exceed 60% of 1RM
– Hint: we are performing a max squat clean on Monday.


10 Rounds of:
”Hard Effort Cardio” 30s on/60s off of:
Choose between – row, bike, or ski erg
*Score = lowest distance rowed/biked/skied in your 30s interval.