Thursday 200702

WHITEBOARD BRIEF - Strength: We have a "barbell heavy" day today. Not necessarily heavy in the traditional load sense but heavy regarding the volume that the barbell will be in your hands for. We have three [...]

Wednesday 200701

WHITEBOARD BRIEF - Metcon: The goal today is to focus on a roughly 60% sustainable effort for the duration of the 30 mins. METCON With a 30:00 Running Clock: 2k Row Then with the remaining time [...]

Tuesday 200630

WHITEBOARD BRIEF - Strength/Metcon: Today we have two part upper body workout with a fairly high amount of volume. The first part is 10 rounds for time of Pull-ups, dips and barbell rows with 60 seconds [...]

Monday 200629

WHITEBOARD BRIEF - Strength: Our focus for the strength work today is to prepare our hips and back for the demands of the metcon. Glute Bridges: 3 sets building to a challenging weight for 6-8 reps, [...]

Saturday 200627

WHITEBOARD BRIEF - Metcon: Do not try to set a PR on your first mile run. Use a pace that will allow you to go right into your burpees without excessive resting. Your second mile interval [...]

Friday 200626

WHITEBOARD BRIEF - Strength: Take 8-10 singles and build to a 1RM Bench press. Try to beat your previous max by 5#'s and have a plan in place before starting for how you're going to beat [...]

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