Monday 190218

WHITEBOARD BRIEF – Strength: This front squat has an isometric hold/pause at the bottom where the muscle will remain contracted for 2 seconds. Keep this in mind as you’re working up. This weight will be less [...]

Saturday 190216

WHITEBOARD BRIEF – Metcon: Today’s metcon will be done with 1 athlete completing a full round. This will allow you to gain full recovery for all sets and sustain a high level of output throughout. With [...]

Friday 190215

WHITEBOARD BRIEF – Strength: Today we are building to a 3RM in the Close grip floor press. This should take roughly 6-7 sets to complete. Make sure you have a spotter and you’re smart about how [...]

Cultivating a Positive Mindset

The gym is a laboratory for cultivating a positive mindset. Think of your time in the gym each day as an opportunity to train your focus on identifying small victories. Most of us have had [...]

Thursday 190214

WHITEBOARD BRIEF – Strength: Week 2 of our Sumo Deadlift work. Loading should only by 5% heavier and allow for perfect/fast sets. Take 3-4 sets to build to your work weight. These are NOT done touch [...]

Wednesday 190213

WHITEBOARD BRIEF – Metcon: Today’s workout is meant to be slower. Focus on your quality of movement for each: rowing, barbell cycling, and double unders. All three of these movements will likely be in the open [...]

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