Friday 191018

WHITEBOARD BRIEF - Strength: The goal today is build to a new 1RM split jerk and beat your previous max by 5#. Build over the course of 10 sets. - Conditioning: Effort today should be [...]

Thursday 191017

WHITEBOARD BRIEF - Strength: The goal today is to build to a heavy but perfect set of 4 in the back squat over the course of 7 sets. - Conditioning: Today's piece is for QUALITY [...]

Wednesday 191016

WHITEBOARD BRIEF - Conditioning: Benchmark endurance piece today - set a goal that is sustainable. Remember, this is a longer workout so going out too hard will impair your overall performance. The goal today is [...]

Tuesday 191015

WHITEBOARD BRIEF - Strength: Superset of DB Bench Press and 1-Arm KB Rows - 2 warm-up sets followed by 5 challenging work sets. - Conditioning: Today's workout is about maintaining a slower but consistent pace [...]

Monday 191014

WHITEBOARD BRIEF - Strength: Today we are working on building over the course of 6-8 sets to a tough but perfect set of 3 in the Sumo Deadlift. - Conditioning: Today's piece is about pushing [...]

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