Tuesday 200811

WHITEBOARD BRIEF - Strength:¬†Strength only today, punch your tickets to the gun show ūüôā Landmines, Close Grip Bench, Strict Pull-ups and some accessory work for the shoulders. HALF-KNEELING LANDMINE PRESS 2/4 x 8-10 each. Rest [...]

Monday 200810

WHITEBOARD BRIEF - Strength: Big strength emphasis today, focusing on the quads, hamstrings and core. This is not a superset, finish each exercise before moving on, and get pumped! - Metcon: Quick couplet with Russian Swings/Goblet Squats [...]

Saturday 200808

WHITEBOARD BRIEF - Metcon: Today's workout consists of an ascending ladder of Deadlifts and Burpee Pull-ups, and 100 Meter run each round. Chop wood and carry water! CONDITIONING AMRAP 20 - ascending reps: 1 Deadlifts (225, [...]

Friday 200807

WHITEBOARD BRIEF - Strength: We're working on Power Snatches today for our strength work, practicing technique or building to heavy double if you have a true 1RM. - Metcon: Our conditioning work today is a 2:1 work: [...]

Thursday 200806

WHITEBOARD BRIEF - Strength: Today we are spending 10 minutes on a skill of your choice that needs work, either gymnastics or an Olympic lift. - Metcon: For our WOD today we are working on pace and [...]

Wednesday 200805

WHITEBOARD BRIEF - Strength: Our strength piece today is working up to a heavy set of 5 in the Back Squat. - Metcon: Nasty couplet of Kettlebell Swings and Burpees. Go hard on the Kettlebell Swings, and [...]

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