Monday 200330

STRENGTH Front Squat: Build to a 1RM in 10 sets. Rest 2:00 CONDITIONING "Snatch Balls" AMRAP 7: 7 Power Snatch 10 Wall balls AT-HOME See BTWB

Sunday 200329

NOTES ABOUT TODAY'S TRAINING - Strength: Today's strength work is a superset of Close Grip Bench and DB Split Squats, focus on quality movement overloading but challenge yourself. - Conditioning: Our conditioning piece is a gasser with [...]

Saturday 200328

NOTES ABOUT TODAY'S TRAINING - Competition: Today we have a really fun partner workout which will feel like a CrossFit competition! You'll work in teams of three with only one partner working at a time in [...]

Friday 200327

NOTES ABOUT TODAY'S TRAINING - Strength: Today we have a push-pull superset for our strength work of Strict Handstand Push-ups and Legless Rope Climbs. - Conditioning: Our conditioning piece today is a gnarly barbell complex called the [...]

Thursday 200326

NOTES ABOUT TODAY'S TRAINING - Strength: Box Squats are on the menu today with a slightly wider than normal stance. Bar speed is king so pick a weight you can be explosive with. - Conditioning: Our conditioning [...]

Wednesday 200325

NOTES ABOUT TODAY'S TRAINING - Conditioning: Today is a classic CrossFit workout the "Filthy Fifty" as the name implies each movement (10 of them) is done for 50 reps. This workout starts out relatively "easy" and [...]

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