Saturday 190817

WHITEBOARD BRIEF - Metcon: Have fun today and worry less about your strategy and more about simply moving and getting a good sweat. Nothing today should stop you in your tracks though, and you should [...]

Friday 190816

WHITEBOARD BRIEF - Strength: We are finding a 3RM close grip chin up. Rest 2 minutes between attempts. If unable to complete with weight, complete 6 sets of 3 reps with 90-sec rest between sets. [...]

Thursday 190815

WHITEBOARD BRIEF - Strength: Last week of our three-week dynamic wave. Take 3 sets to build to work weight and then 4 fast and explosive reps every: 90 seconds for a total of 5 working [...]

Wednesday 190814

WHITEBOARD BRIEF - Metcon: Today we have a good mix of GPP work that is going to train your grip, midline, and posterior chain with a bit of an emphasis on overhead strength and stability. [...]

Tuesday 190813

WHITEBOARD BRIEF - Strength: Today you will be performing the DB floor press with a neutral grip. You will take two sets to find a weight that is challenging for 6 reps. Then you will [...]

Monday 1900812

WHITEBOARD BRIEF - Strength: We will use a normal deadlift stance and grip for today's strength work. All deadlift sets will be performed with a band. Build up to a 1RM with the band. - [...]

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