Tuesday 201201

WHITEBOARD BRIEF - Strength: Today and for the next two weeks, we are working on efficient movement with the Push jerk + Split jerk. All sets are intended to be done for speed/efficiency, not load. The [...]

Monday 201130

WHITEBOARD BRIEF - Strength: Today we're building to a heavy cluster of 3 in the Power Snatch. That means you'll perform a rep, then take a brief 10s break, resetting your position and perform the next [...]

Saturday 201128

WHITEBOARD BRIEF - Metcon: This workout is intended to be done with light loads. The goal here is to stay consistent as this is a muscle endurance workout. Go light if there is any doubt. AMRAP [...]

Friday 201127

WHITEBOARD BRIEF - Strength: Today's work is a mix of repetition, gymnastics, and accessory work for the upper-body. We'll be performing this large superset as an ARMAP, so the intensity will be a little higher than [...]

Wednesday 201125

WHITEBOARD BRIEF - Skill: Spend 10 minutes refining your pull-ups today with whatever style you choose. If you're still new to the "kip" we'll spend the time learning how to perform that first before throwing it [...]

Tuesday 201124

WHITEBOARD BRIEF - Strength: All work should today should be challenging. Have a spotter for your DB Floor Press as you'll likely need help getting into place. - Metcon: Our conditioning work today is an EMOM, allowing [...]

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