The emergence of Covid-19 and the subsequent quarantine have revealed a need for more fitness options. For the first time, many of us are unable to use public gyms. We’re are stuck at home looking for ways to maintain our hard-won fitness gains and ideally to continue to progress. Others of us are looking for a way to combat the additional stress and fatigue brought on by quarantine, and we know regular exercise relieves both. The good news is it’s still possible to maintain or improve your fitness—as well as reduce stress, anxiety, and fatigue—within the confines of your own home.


Free Consultation

During your free consultation, you will meet your personal Coach and discuss your fitness history and current goals. You will learn about our fitness program philosophy, methodology, and our application of functional fitness. Your coach will inquire into your fitness strengths and limitations as well as find out about your current level of fitness.

You should plan for this initial consultation to take 60-75 minutes and when you are finished you will understand how our program will work for you and get you fit for life. While at our facility you will likely meet other members and coaches. This is our family and you will have the opportunity to see how welcoming it is.

Lastly, if it’s a good fit, we will get you started and ask for your commitment in our Fundamentals Program.



After your consultation, you will then enroll into our Fundamentals Program. This program is designed to instill competency in the numerous movements utilized in our group classes, teach proper eating habits, and explain how to perform maintenance on your body.

These private training sessions will be completed with your personal coach. You will become familiar with a wide variety of movements including Olympic weightlifting, rowing, gymnastics, and kettlebells and it will serve  3 purposes.

  1. It will give you individual attention with movements that are technical and require time and practice. We are not going to throw you into a class performing barbell snatches and handstand push-ups on your first day. We want to give you the confidence and tools to excel with all of the movements.
  2. It’s all about you! When you are first starting out, it is important that we learn if you have any limitations, weaknesses, or injuries. With personal training you can move at your own pace and set the table for long term success.
  3. We are a community. During the personal training sessions we will have the opportunity to get to know YOU. Your goals, your ambitions, your obstacles and challenges. This will allow us to better serve you and help you achieve your mission.



Once you have demonstrated competency in the functional movements and you have met our graduation benchmarks, you then may move on to our group classes. In our group classes the focus will be on training to the margins and increasing your work capacity. The pace will be fast but you will be prepared after completing your Fundamentals Program. In your class you will be surrounded by other like-minded individuals that are seeking the most effective training in the world. Our coaches are world class and they will lead you to a level of fitness greater than you can imagine!



Our program is a hybrid model of group classes and personal training. As you progress, your goals will change and other challenges will arise. All of our memberships include regular, on-going personal training sessions with your personal coach, as few as 1 session every three months, and as often as 1 session every week. Your coach will help you to continue navigating the waters.


Be Set Apart

Flexible membership packages to suit all levels of athlete and achieve your fitness goals